1188 BK High Concentrated Black Masterbatch

PRODUCT CODE / DESCRIPTION 1188 BK   High Concentrated Black Masterbatch
APPLICATIONS Excellent choice for ABS, HIPS, PE, PP, TPE and other general plastics, especially white based materials which are difficult to dye black and fireproof materials.
CORE STRENGTH Blue tone, special carrier V-LDPE, produced by high technology, high concentration, superb blackness, low adding ratio, easy processing and low cost.
Excellent dispersity and compatibility, good colouring effect, no migration, dark and glossy.
Low adding ratio thus low impact on physical properties. Best rated physical properties in terms of toughness, intensity, fluidity, etc. among all the same level products.
DOSAGE 0.75~1.5 PHR. Average adding ratio in the industry : 1 PHR
Properties Value
Physical State
MFI = 21.6 kg / 190°C
Moisture Content
Carbon Black
≧ 18 g / 10 min
< 0.16 %
PACKAGING / STORAGE • 25 kg paper bag.
 Store in dry places to avoid moisture.
 Avoid sunshine or it may affect the quality.
 Keep away from fire and pay attention to inventory safety.