1800 MB Functional Masterbatch

PRODUCT CODE / DESCRIPTION 1800 MB Functional Masterbatch
PHYSICAL STATE White granular, non-toxic.
APPLICATIONS Compatibility of PC pure runners and ABS pure runners become PC/ABS alloy.
CORE STRENGTH  Containing all formulation of stabilizers, compatibilizers and antioxidants. Hence no need to add any additives.
 In the process of alloying PC/ABS, the ratio of PC and ABS can be adjusted freely according to the standards required by customers and easy to operate.
At present, the work methods in the industry are complicated, must be processed by multileveled equipment and twin-screw extruders which are difficult to control. Unstable material properties are difficult to meet the product standards in terms of heat resistance, heat distortion temperature (HDT), yellowing resistance, impact resistance, proof stress and proof strain.
With 1800 MB, the process is simplified. Even through single-screw extruders, it can truly achieve customer quality requirements, with lower cost and higher efficiency.
 More eco-friendly at the factory, significantly reducing the number of items and quantity of inventory, removing dust or other pollution, and production conditions comply with the system standard of ISO 14001 : 2015.
Properties Value
Physical State


White granular

Acrylic resin
Methyl Methacrylate-Acrylic Copolymer

PACKAGING / STORAGE • 25 kg paper bag.
• Store in dry places to avoid moisture.
• Avoid sunshine or it may affect the quality.
• Keep away from fire and pay attention to inventory safety.