YT-500 Stabilizer

PHYSICAL STATE Liquid, transparent, colourless, non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable, water-insoluble.
APPLICATIONS Polymeric composite material with a comprehensive effect of lubrication, dispersion, gelatinization, compounding and compatibility. Applicable to general plastics such as PE, PP, ABS, PS, AS, PMMA and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), especially ABS.
CORE STRENGTH Granulation & Extrusion :
Pigments, fillers and additives are fully dispersed during the process, no migration and exudation. No oxidation, yellowing or brittleness due to the temperature rise caused by improper processing.
 Stable melt flow index (MI), physical properties in terms of toughness, intensity and transparency are fully performed. Preventing surface spots, wavy lines, lines and does not affect the secondary processing - spray painting, coating, printing and plating.
 Excellent dispersity and compatibility, bright and glossy in dyeing process, no gas bubbles at cross section, physical properties are thoroughly improved. Increase fire resistance when mixing with fire retardant, inhibit exudation of fire retardant, reduce adding ratio of fire retardant and improve impact resistance. Particularly good effect in processing off-grade materials and recycled materials.
 In case recycled materials mixed with other materials, peeling, brittleness, incompatibility and other problems can be solved effectively.

Improve tensile strength of PE & PP :
In the process of spinning flat filament and net, dyeing process is stable and no spinning breakage.
Improve tensile strength and stability of PE and PP recycled materials which scrap can be recycled.
DOSAGE 0.15~0.25 PHR. Average adding ratio in the industry : 0.2 PHR
PACKAGING / STORAGE • Large package : 190 kg iron drum
• Small package : 18 kg plastic drum
• Store in a dry place to avoid moisture.
• Avoid sunshine or it may affect the quality.
• Keep away from fire and pay attention to inventory safety.