YT-600 High-efficiency Spinning Processing Aid

PRODUCT CODE / DESCRIPTION YT-600  High-efficiency Spinning Processing Aid
PHYSICAL STATE Liquid, transparent light yellow, non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable, water-insoluble.
APPLICATIONS Comprehensive effect of high-temperature lubrication, dispersion, gelatinization and compounding. Main applications : nylon, spinning, PET spinning, PP spinning, fishing line, fishing net, nylon thread and textile processing.
CORE STRENGTH Significantly stable production process at high temperature rapid moulding.
 Better mechanical performance, no spinning breakage, no burrs, consistent extrusion diameter and much softer.
 Excellent transmittancy, good colour fastness and no exudation.
DOSAGE  0.03~0.05 PHR. Average adding ratio in the industry : 0.04 PHR
PACKAGING / STORAGE • 20 kg plastic drum.
• Store in a dry place to avoid moisture.
• Avoid sunshine or it may affect the quality.
• Keep away from fire and pay attention to inventory safety.